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Biological control is recorded around 300 AD in China, when colonies of weaver ants, Oecophylla smaragdina, were intentionally put in citrus plantations to control beetles and caterpillars.5 Additionally in China, ducks were used in paddy fields to consume insects, as illustrated in ancient cave art. In 1762an Indian mynah has been introduced to Mauritius to control locusts, and roughly the exact same period, citrus trees in Burma were connected by bamboos to permit ants to pass between them and assist control caterpillars.

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The introduction of DDT, a cheap and efficient compound, put an effective stop to biological control experiments. From the 1960s, issues of resistance to chemicals and damage to the environment began to emerge, and biological control had a renaissance. Chemical pest control is still the predominant type of pest control now, although a renewed interest in traditional and biological pest control developed towards the end of this 20th century and continues to this day.7.

Biological pest control is a method of controlling pests like insects and fleas by using different organisms.8 It relies on predation, parasitism, herbivory or other natural mechanisms, but typically also involves an active human management role. Classical biological control involves the introduction of natural enemies of the pest that are bred in the laboratory and introduced into the environment.

Ideally, the released organism will strain and survive, and supply long-term control.9 Biological control can be an important component of an integrated pest management programme. .

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For instance: mosquitoes are often controlled by putting Bt Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. Israelensis, a bacterium which infects and kills mosquito larvae, in local water sources.10

Mechanical pest control is the use of hands-on techniques as well as simple equipment and apparatus, that provides a protective barrier between plants and insects. This can be referred to as tillage and is one of the oldest methods of weed control as well as being used for pest control; wireworms, the creatures of the common click beetle, are extremely destructive pests of newly ploughed grassland, and perennial cultivation exposes them to the birds and other predators which feed on them.11.

Crop rotation can help control pests by depriving them of their host plants. It is an important strategy in the control of corn rootworm, and has decreased early season incidence of Colorado potato beetle by as much as 95 percent.12

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A trap crop is a crop of a plant which attracts pests, diverting them from nearby plants.13 Pests aggregated on the trap crop can be easily controlled using pesticides or other methods.14 But trap-cropping, on its own, has often neglected to cost effectively reduce pest densities on big commercial scales, without using pesticides, possibly as a read the article result of pests' ability to disperse back into the main area.14.

Pesticides are applied to crops by agricultural aircraft, tractor-mounted crop sprayers or as seed dressings to control pests. But successful control by pesticides is not simple; the right formulation must be chosen, the timing is often crucial, the procedure of application is important, sufficient protection and retention on the harvest are necessary.

This is particularly important in countries where there are natural reservoirs of pests and their enemies in the countryside surrounding plantation crops, and such co-exist in a delicate balance. Often in less-developed countries, the plants are well adapted to the local situation and no pesticides are needed. Where innovative farmers are using fertilisers to develop improved crop varieties, these are often more vulnerable to pest damage, but the indiscriminate application of pesticides might be detrimental in the longer find out here term.15.

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The efficacy of chemical pesticides tends to diminish over time. That is because any organism which manages to survive the initial application will pass on its genes to its offspring and a resistant strain is going to be developed. In this manner, some of the most serious pests have developed resistance and are no longer killed by pesticides which used to kill their ancestors.

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Pesticides are formulated to kill pests, but many have detrimental consequences on non-target species; of particular concern is the damage done to honey-bees, solitary bees and other pollinating insects and in this respect, the time of day when the spray is implemented can be important.17 The anchor widely used neonicotinoids have been banned on flowering plants in certain countries due to their effects on bees.17 Some pesticides may cause cancer and other health problems in humans, in addition to being harmful to wildlife.18 There can be serious effects immediately after exposure or chronic effects after continuous low-level, or occasional exposure.19 Maximum residue limits for pesticides in foodstuffs and animal feed are put by many nations.20.

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